quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010

the experimental cocaine use for the mother in the first weeks of gestation (the 3 4 weeks) can cause some risk for the baby? E, if the father was using can it cause damage to the son?

The continued cocaine use during the pregnancy in such a way implies some damages for the gestante how much for the embryo. Most common: premature childbirth, spontaneous abortion, premature rupture of the membranes, previous placenta, ectópica pregnancy, gestacional hipertensão, mental retardation, congenital anomalies (cardiac and geniturinárias malformations) and vascular accidents brain. However, the told case was of only use (called of acute use) during this period. Few effect of the acute cocaine use during the pregnancy have been told. In studies with animal models it was verified that the cocaine use, associate or not with the alcohol consumption, during the gestation it did not influence prenatal mortality and weight of the embryos. Already studies with women, the acute cocaine use during the gestation caused obstétricas clutters and increase of the contrátil activity of the endometrium. Still, the only cocaine use in the first trimester of gestation can provoke neurocomportamentais alterations related the motor behaviors, state of control and orientation, damage in the attention and learning. Exactly an only cocaine exposition during the fetal period (from 9ª week of gestation) can produce infarto (arterial or venoso sanguineous suppliment insufficience), edema and necrosis (death) tecidual provoking damage to the embryo for damage of its sanguine suppliment.

How much to the cocaine use for men, the effect of the drawn out use are related the sexual disfunções (impotence, incapacity of ejaculação and reduction of the sexual desire), but had not been found damage evidences its children.

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